October 2018

“Serving God by Serving Others” Series – When You Help Others, God Opens Doors

We see from the life of Joseph how God blessed and showed favor upon him because he was willing to help others. In spite of being betrayed by his brothers, sold into slavery, and thrown into prison, Joseph continued to help others fulfill their vision. Joseph went from the prison to the palace because God opened locked doors. When you help others reach their vision, God will bless you and show favor on you, opening doors of opportunity.

“Serving God by Serving Others” Series – Stepping Up to Step Down

Everyone wants to be recognized for something. We want to be recognized for a job well done, for boldly helping others, for supporting a cause we believe in. It is our human nature, but the words of Christ teach us that to step up is to step down. Listen as Pastor Terry will encourage you that the real blessing comes when you are willing to step down to serve in humility and graciousness.

September 2018

“Above & Beyond”

God calls us to go above and beyond. In Genesis, upon Jacob’s death bed, he blessed his son, Joseph, because he went above and beyond. When you are willing to come out of your comfort zones and go above and beyond, God’s blessing and favor will flow in and through your life.

“The Anointing” Series – Don’t Waste Your Oil

In I Samuel 17, the prophet Samuel came to the house of Jesse to anoint the next king over Israel. One by one, Jesse’s seven sons come in, but Samuel did not anoint them. Then, Jesse called for David from the shepherd’s field. When David entered, Samuel knew he was the one and poured the oil over him to anoint him. Samuel d

The Anointing” Series – Fresh Oil

II Kings 4 tells the story of the widow woman about to lose her sons to her creditors. In desperate need of a miracle, Elijah, the prophet, asked her, “What do you have in your house?” She responded, “A little cruse of oil.” In the scripture, oil represents the anointing of the Holy Spirit. God’s secret to our victory is fresh oil. In this message, Pastor will challenge you to seek God for fresh oil because, God pours oil into clean vessels.

“The Anointing” Series – The Anointing Makes The Difference

There’s a difference between simply being good and gifted at something and being anointed. If we are not careful, we can rely upon our own abilities, rather than depending upon God’s anointing. In this message, Pastor breaks down the importance of the anointing on your life and the difference the anointing makes.


July 2018

“Pursuing God” Series – Turning Our Distractions & Chasing After God

When God is trying to get your attention, He starts with a still small voice. God is speaking to us all the time: directing our steps, establishing boundaries, presenting opportunities. But, we must learn to shut out the distra

“Pursuing God” Series – Pursuing God For America

Truth is under attack in our nation. From evolution to abortion to taking prayer out of schools, the truth of God is being replaced by the ideas of man and the lies of Satan. When lies become more accepted than the truth, people become separated from God. They find themselves deceived, entangled in sin, and unable to find the way out of their plight. It’s time to stop the lies and deception. Through this message, find out how to, once again, pursue God for America.

June 2018

“Pursuing God” Series – The Blessing of Chasing After God

In the final message of this series, Pastor will encourage you to pursue and chase after God. God desires for us to seek Him with all our heart. When we do, He promises three things in return. In this message, you’ll learn the promises waiting on you as you renew your fervor in seeking the Lord.

“Pursuing God” Series – Keeping Your Faith Alive

The Bible teaches us that we are in this world, but we are not of this world. In this message, Pastor teaches us that no matter what we see going on around us, when we close our eyes and listen with our heart, we will see the greater truth. For the Bible says, “We walk by faith, not by sight”. Learn how to keep your faith alive and growing as you pursue after God.

“Pursuing God” Series – Eagerly Expecting

Are you eagerly expecting a life of no reserves, no retreats, and no regrets? If Jesus came back today could you stand before Him in confidence? We serve a God of grace and mercy and second chances, but one day the trumpet will sound. In this message Pastor will challenge you to live every day in the


May 2018

“Running On Empty” Series – Part II

The enemy will endeavor in the seasons of life to use all kinds of strategies to exhaust God’s people. One of the strategies he uses is irritation. Stress, worry, and external stimuli will seek to cause you to live a lif

“Running On Empty” Series – Part 1

Busyness. We all know what it’s like to have too much to do and not enough time, energy or money. We try to squeeze in more and more with less and less. “Running on Empty” leads to stress, anxiety, an inability to focus, and even sickness. What can we do? In this message, Pastor will challenge you to empty yourself and allow God to fill you with His Spirit to energize and strengthen you in these last days.


February 2018

“Home Remedies” Series – My Family is Stuck in a Rut

You and your family will be encouraged through this message to break out of the rut and routine of life. Learn practical steps to keep your family from ruin and despair. Many times we continue to circle around the same problems, the same issues over and over again. God told 

“Home Remedies” Series – Don’t Get Lost in the House

God answered the prayers of Hanna and gave her a son which she named Samuel. In return, she passed on her godly legacy by dedicating him and giving him to the Lord. Through this message, Pastor will challenge parents and grandparents to pass on a godly, spiritual and tangible legacy

“Home Remedies” – Family Secrets

In this message, Pastor looks at the life of Jacob and his family. Like Jacob and his family, every family has issues, family business and secrets. Within the family is where we perfect those issues and allow God to develop our character from our hidden weaknesses and issues. You will be challenged to conquer old strongholds and turn hidden weaknesses into abounding strength.

“Home Remedies” Series – Help is On the Way

In this series on marriage and family, Pastor Terry will encourage you that in the midst of your storm, help is on the way. One of the most powerful and punitive words in the English language is the word “help.” It is a word that admits a position of total desperation and humility. When all seems hopeless, don’t give up but rest assured God has help coming your way.


January 2018

“Suddenly…” Series – “Suddenly and then Some”

What happens when you go beyond the normal? Beyond the ordinary? Beyond the average? In the story of Rebekah, we see the extraordinary outcome of a woman who did what was expected…and then some. God sees the extra effort. And it’s the extra effort that brings breakthrough. When you go above and beyond, the extra mile, God will reward you with a suddenly moment. Understand, there are no traffic jams on the extra mile!

“Suddenly…” Series – “A Suddenly Offering”

In the Bible there are 7,000 promises of God. These are blank checks for you. God says, “If you do this, I will do that.” With every promise there is a premise. Only when you release what you’re holding on to will you see the precious gifts of God poured out. Supernatural

“Suddenly…” Series – “Your Suddenly Season”

Sometimes we wonder if the Lord is slow in answering our prayers, but God is faithful and punctual. In the midst of life’s obstacles and disappointments, His timing may not always meet our expectations. However, God is bringing rapid refinement

“Suddenly…” Series – Revival Services “The Suddenly of the Watchmen”


“Suddenly…” Series – Revival Services “Waiting on the Suddenly”


“Suddenly…” Series – Revival Services “The Sudden Transfer”



October 2017

“In Due Season” Series – Anointing For Your Kairos Moments – Part 1

The Bible speaks of time in several ways. One way is “chronos” time which is keeping time in seconds, minutes, hours, weeks, and months. A second way in which time is defined is kairos. Kairos is God’s time as He brings the right people, at the right moment, at the right place to accomplish His will and plan. In this message Pastor will encourage you to seek God’s anointing for His special timing in your life.  

“In Due Season” Series – Anointing For Your Kairos Moments – Part 2

In the continuation of “Annointing For Your Kairos Moments,” the Bible speaks of time in several ways. One way is “chronos” time which is keeping time in seconds, minutes, hours, weeks, and months. A second way in which time is defined is kairos. Kairos is God’s time as He brings the right people, at the right moment, at the right place to accomplish His will and plan. In this message Pastor will encourage you to seek God’s anointing for His special timing in your life.  

“In Due Season” Series – Letting Go and Taking Hold

In this message Pastor will challenge how to let go of doubt and uncertainty, and take hold of what God has destined in your life. You do not have to settle, but as you remain firm in your faith God will bring to pass His promises for His promises are “yea and amen”.

“In Due Season” Series – A Word In Due Season

God wants His people to learn how to speak a word in due season. A due season is a time where God has scheduled things to come to you– it’s the right time. In this message Pastor will encourage you to remain faithful during the mundane times because your kairos moment is coming.

“In Due Season” Series – The Power of Expectation

When people are in a place of expectation, the Lord will pour out His Spirit. In this message, learn what happens when we approach God in expectation. There is nothing standing between you and your miracle with the exception of expectation. God has been faithful in the past; He will be faithful in the future. Expect it!


September 2017

“The Doorkeeper” Series – Get Up, Get Out, Get Free

As Pastor Terry concludes this series, you will see the doors to your destiny are already unlocked. It is time to take courage and walk by faith. The enemy may say, “Go no further.” Our God says, “Keep moving.” Discouragement and intimidation may try to hold you back, but if you will continue to take one step, God will take two. The favor of the Lord is going before you to open the doors of your future.

“The Doorkeeper” Series – The Lord Is My Doorkeeper

When you think there is no way out, God can make a way. He can close the door to poverty mentality, and open the door to spiritual prosperity. He guards the door over your household and holds the key to every locked door of opportunity. The enemy may say, “Go no 


August 2017

“Life On A Mission” Series – Share

In this final message of “Life On A Mission”, you will learn what every believer’s ultimate mission issharing the gospel

“Life On A Mission” Series – Serve

God has equipped every believer with gifts and abilities to serve Him. While there is a diversity of gifts and abilities among the body, there is unity. In this third message of “Life On A Mission” you will discover your spiritual gifts, how you can use what God has given you to serve, and the opportunities available to you to find your place in ministry as you fulfill God’s mission for your life.

“Life on a Mission” Series – Grow

Pastor Terry continues the “Life On A Mission” series with a message entitled “Grow”. God desires for every believer to grow and mature in his faith and relationship with God. You will see through this message how to grow as a Christian and the evidence that spiritual growth i

“Life On A Mission” Series – Connect