July 2019

Lies People Believe Series – “Seven Lies We Believe About Ourselves”

Not only does Satan use strategies of deception to cause confusion, people also believe lies about themselves. Giving into these untruths will cause you to miss God’s destiny and plan for your life as well as hinder your joy and peace. Through this message you will be challenged to believe what God says about you and […]

Lies People Believe Series – “Seven Lies of Satan”

The Bible says that Satan is a liar and the originator of lies. His lies cause confusion, doubt, and manipulation. In this message you will discover the lies Satan uses to deceive people and how to combat his lies with the Word of God. 

June 2019

Celebrate America

We live in a great nation blessed by God with liberty and freedom we enjoy. America is a great nation because of the rich spiritual foundation we have received; however, if we do not preserve and uphold the Christian values that have been passed down by our forefathers, we will lose the greatness that God […]

“Master of Disguise”

Listen to this powerful message as Pastor Armando shares with us on how sin never looks like sin.  That sin disguises itself and how we have to see  through sin and its consequences on our life.