May 2020

Welcome Back Sunday – Online Service

It’s Welcome Back Sunday at Life Church! We are so excited to be back together as a family, whether in person or online! And we have an extra blessing, as this Sunday is also Pentecost Sunday! How awesome is that! As the Early Church gathered on the Day of Pentecost to seek God, God opened […]

Life Church SA Online Service – “Life of Jonah” Series – Part Two The Prayer

Watch as we continue the series on the Life of Jonah. In part two of this exciting series, we are focusing on how Jonah prayed in the belly of the whale. We see that Jonah prayed and it changed his circumstances. The God we serve can bring change to any circumstance, but how are you […]

Life Church Online Service – “Life of Jonah” Series – Part 1 The Predicament

Watch our weekend online service as we begin a new series on the “LIfe of Jonah”, where we’ll take a closer look at this prophet and see how many of us can relate to him. In the first message, Jonah faced a life changing predicament: obey God, or run from God’s call. You’ll discover the […]

Mother’s Day Online Service – “The Godly Assignment of Motherhood”

Watch our special Mother’s Day online service. Pastor Terry has a very special message for every mom entitled, “The Godly Assignment of Motherhood”. In this message every mother, young or old, will be challenged to be a godly mother in accepting her divine assignment.