July 2019

Lies People Believe Series – “There Will Be No Rapture of the Church”

The enemy has convinced many people these days that there will be no rapture of the church.  That there is no blessed hope for christians.  However, that is far from the truth. Through this message you will be challenged to believe what the bible says about the blessed hope and believe that Jesus is coming […]

Lies People Believe Series – “Seven Lies of Satan”

The Bible says that Satan is a liar and the originator of lies. His lies cause confusion, doubt, and manipulation. In this message you will discover the lies Satan uses to deceive people and how to combat his lies with the Word of God. 

June 2019

Just Dirt

God has a way of taking nothing and turning it into something. In creation God took the dust of the earth and created Adam. You have treasures that God has given you to be used for Him. Through this message allow God to challenge you to use whatever He has given you for His glory.

May 2019

“Mother’s Day Message” – Monuments for All to See

One of the vital roles of a mother, regardless of her path to motherhood, is that of historian. She is the keeper of memories: pictures, scrapbooks, photo albums, etc. She is known as a monument builder. The building of a monument is a celebration. We celebrate the past, the present and the future.  In this message, […]