March 2019

“From Promise to Provision” Series – Don’t Settle

It took Israel forty years to reach their destiny of the Promise Land, yet they continue to have faith in seeing God’s promises and new things happen. Understand, God’s promises may take time. You will be tempted to take shortcuts, or pursue plan B. But, beware. Sometimes shortcuts lead you off the path. God’s best […]

“From Promise to Provision” Series – Take Another Lap

Following God’s deliverance of the Israelites from Egyptian slavery in Exodus, the Bible says they wandered in the wilderness for 40 years. A journey to the Promise Land should have taken days but took them years. Why? Because they continued to repeat the same mistakes and God allowed them to “take another lap.” Have you […]

“From Promise to Provision” Series – Saved But Stuck

Every one of us has baggage – things we have done, and things people have done to us. Often, we find ourselves stuck in life because of our baggage. You can be saved but stuck spiritually, emotionally, and mentally. In this message Pastor will share with you how you can get unstuck in spite of […]

“From Promise to Provision” Series – A Place Called Wit’s End

Have you ever found yourself at a place called “Wit’s End”? Wit’s End is a real place where your mind and your life race so fast that you are not able to keep up. In this message Pastor will give you practical principles on how you can navigate through the wilderness of life and experience […]