July 2018

“Pursuing God” Series – Turning Our Distractions & Chasing After God

When God is trying to get your attention, He starts with a still small voice. God is speaking to us all the time: directing our steps, establishing boundaries, presenting opportunities. But, we must learn to shut out the distractions and listen. What’s interfering with your hearing? In this message, you will discover how to turn […]

“Pursuing God” Series – Pursuing God For America

Truth is under attack in our nation. From evolution to abortion to taking prayer out of schools, the truth of God is being replaced by the ideas of man and the lies of Satan. When lies become more accepted than the truth, people become separated from God. They find themselves deceived, entangled in sin, and […]

June 2018

“Pursuing God” Series – The Blessing of Chasing After God

In the final message of this series, Pastor will encourage you to pursue and chase after God. God desires for us to seek Him with all our heart. When we do, He promises three things in return. In this message, you’ll learn the promises waiting on you as you renew your fervor in seeking the […]

“Pursuing God” Series – Keeping Your Faith Alive

The Bible teaches us that we are in this world, but we are not of this world. In this message, Pastor teaches us that no matter what we see going on around us, when we close our eyes and listen with our heart, we will see the greater truth. For the Bible says, “We walk […]