“1,000 Opportunities”

“As we have therefore opportunity, let us do good unto all men, especially unto them who are of the household of faith.”– Galatians 6:10

Most of us are not doing today impressive, or at least what we would consider impressive. Most of us are not going to speak at a conference, move to another nation to plant a church, or give our lives as martyrs for Christ. But, most of us will have hundreds of opportunities to glorify God through ordinary obedience.

Paul tells us to be aware of the door of opportunity God may open for you. We never know what opportunity God has right around the corner. And, we must take advantage of every door God opens for us.

Throughout God’s Word, you see examples of men and women who seized their opportunities. God spoke to Noah to preach and build an Ark of safety he seized his opportunity. Abraham was called by God to leave Ur with his family and go to a land where he had never been – he obeyed. God told Moses to lead His people from Egyptian slavery – he did. When we take advantage of the open door, not knowing what God will do, great rewards follow when we obey.

What opportunity do you have today? You may have an opportunity to delight in God’s Word and pray for His Kingdom to come. Or, you may get an opportunity to bless, instead of curse, the driver behind you who lays on the horn when you hesitate at the green light.

You might have opportunities to serve your chil- dren by changing their diaper, making their break- fast, wiping their faces and hands, teaching them about Jesus, getting them dressed, picking up after them, reading them stories, taking them to the park, and bathing them.

At your work place, you may have an opportunity to not join in the gossip in the break room, or to rejoice when your boss is difficult. You might have an opportunity to encourage a friend, or to put sin to death instead of giving in to lust or selfishness. You might have an opportunity to humble yourself and ask someone’s forgives. You may have an opportunity to extend compassion to someone or pray for a neighbor.

We will have countless opportunities to rely on Jesus for strength, to thank Him for His goodness, and to believe His Word rather than our circumstances. We will more than likely have opportunities to be kind, forgiving, and patient.

Every day is filled with countless opportunities for ordinary obedience which brings much glory to God. Opportunities to be faithful in little. And though we might not consider all these acts of ordinary obedience to be very impressive, God does not miss one, and He is pleased with each one. Someday we will hear Him say, “Well done, good and faithful servant. Enter into the joy of your Master.”

I encourage you to look for the open doors. Often, the open doors are so obvious that we may miss them. Slow down, listen to Gods voice, and keep your eyes open for opportunities.

Seeking God for New Opportunities!

Pastor Terry & Tina Richardson