“Because He Cares, We Care”

“Casting all your cares upon Him, for He careth for you.” I Peter 5:7

The man walked down the road. The dust from the many travelers choked him, and the flying gnats bit at him unmercifully in the heat of the day. As the travelers went by, his hoarse throat cried out, “Unclean! Unclean!” The crowds quickly moved to the far side of the road. Inside, the pain of rejection and guilt ate away his soul as surely as the leprosy ate at his body. He knew he was cursed, and he know no one cared.

One day, the crowd was unusually large. People were shouting a name and others seemed to be in frenzy, pushing and shoving to get near the one called Jesus. Some even dared to call Him Messiah. The leper had heard of Jesus, His miracles and His compassion. If the stories were true, if He were the Messiah, then surely the he could heal. The Messiah could command this awful curse of the body and soul to dry up. Surely, the Messiah could care even about a leper. Then, he saw Him. For a moment, Jesus stood alone, as if waiting just for the leper.

The leper ran, stumbled, and then crawled to the feet of Jesus. He forgot about his cry, “Unclean!” He could only say with head bowed low, “Lord, if you are willing, make me clean.” The silence of the next few seconds seemed like an eternity. His heart pounded like a drum inside. He waited to hear harsh words of scorn and rejection as he heard so many times before.

Suddenly, he felt something no leper could feel. It was the touch of another’s hand. It sent a flood of emotion like liquid fire to the very core of his soul. Then, Jesus spoke, “I am willing. Be cleansed!”

Tears washed down the leper’s dirt stained face. The scales of leprosy fell from not only his body, but his heart and soul as well. Jesus cared! Jesus cared!

Because He cares, we care! People in our lives and around us need to experience the care of Jesus. They must know that we, as a church, care for them. We must be the extended hands of God’s grace and mercy to those around us. We must provide the touch which says, “Jesus cares! We care!” People are not interested in how much we know or what our credentials are. They really want to know and experience that someone cares. If we don’t care, then who will?

I am so excited about a new ministry we are about to launch at Life Church: Community Connection. During our morning services, we will be sharing about this concept. Over time, I have become concerned about us not being connected consistently with all our Life Church family. The busyness of the world we live in has made us become somewhat disconnected, and that is not good. We see each other on Sunday, but then part as soon as the last amen is said.

Here at Life Church, we are a family and want to be known as a place where love abounds. I desire for every individual who considers Life Church their church to care for one another by giving in Christian love to a relationship in times of weakness and strength. I would love for you to be a part of this ministry. Join with us in prayer as we launch this ministry, watch for upcoming details about Community Connection, and don’t miss the upcoming Sunday morning services to become acquainted with the Community Connection or listen to them online at www.lifechurchsa.com.

Finally, lift up our eyes and look around to those needing a touch – physical, emotional, or spiritual touch. Be Jesus with skin on. Don’t be afraid to reach out and care. Because He cares, we care! Until then, let us continue….

With Love,
Pastor Terry & Tina Richardson