Our Life groups meet throughout the month. Some meet during the week, and some meet on occasional Sunday evenings. There are many Life groups to choose from, so feel free to find one that interests you and best suits your schedule.

Connect 2

We believe that God is a God of restoration and new beginnings, and that He has a purpose and plan for every person—no matter their life experience. Our Single Parent Families Connect 2 Ministry is about healing, restoration, unconditional love, and acceptance.

Purpose (Why do we exist?)

We exist to rebuild in single parents and their children what has been distorted by life’s circumstances.

Mission (How do we fulfill our purpose?)

Our mission is to empower and equip single parent families to achieve wholeness in parenting, finances, and healthy relationships.

Values (What do we believe?)

We believe single parents are families that are whole families, not single adults with kids. One parent plus God is sufficient. Wholeness is found in Christ, not in marriage.

Men’s Breakfast

Men grab a buddy and join us every month for breakfast, a devotional, and manly fellowship. The men’s ministry meet every third Saturday of the month in the fellowship hall. For more information, you can contact Steve Colman at (210) 316-8659.

Prime Timers

Senior Adult Ministry
Adults ages 50 and over
The Prime Timers Ministry is a social ministry group for our active adults 55 and over. We have several monthly opportunities to meet and have fun together. Join us each month for a breakfast fellowship on the second Tuesday of each month. Check out the church bulletin or newsletter for all the times and locations. Also on the last Tuesday of the month we meet at Air force Village I for game day and pot luck lunch. It is a great time of games, fellowship, and delicious food. For more information for either event, call the church office at (210) 674-6784.