LIFE Worship Ministry serves to create an atmosphere where anyone can encounter the presence of God and be changed by Him. The Worship and Music Ministries include our Worship Choir, Musicians, Audio team, Drama Ministry, and our Multi-Media Ministry. There are weekly opportunities available in all these areas as well as seasonal dramatic musical productions that combine every ministry together. So, If you have a passion for the presence of God and a desire to serve through this avenue, fill out our LIFE Worship Application form.
LIFE Worship is geared towards building a worship culture with our Church, with our Team & with the Leader within:
  • Our role and purpose as the worship team are to build a culture of champion worshipers, to usher passionate and genuine worship aimed at Christ with each service opportunity we get.
  • Looking to the future, we hope to continue our part in valuing the growth of our church as we grow as a team within the church at our two campuses.
  • We are committed to creating a musical and worship expression that is unique and fitting to our culture here at Life Church.

Basic Requirements:

Be in agreement with our biblical standings, our vision and values. 

-Complete our Growth Track Course (4 week course)

-Trustworthy, team-minded people who value commitment & community.  

-Maintain a humble, teachable attitude. 

-Previous experience on a worship team or in a band can be helpful but is not required. While there are similar principles used in most live music situations, every band or team experience is different. Be prepared to learn new ways of doing things even as we follow standard practices.


Worship Experience:

West Campus: 

|Sunday | 9 a.m | 11 a.m.

West Campus Spanish: 
|Sunday | 2 P.M. |

Southwest Campus English:  

|Sunday | 10 a.m. |

|Wednesday | 7 p.m. |