“Developing Intentional Marriages”

Joining our marriage ministry is crucial for couples who desire to strengthen their relationship, deepen their faith, and experience the transformative power of a Christ-centered marriage. By becoming a part of this ministry, couples gain access to a supportive community of like-minded individuals who are committed to upholding the sanctity of marriage and investing in their marital growth. Through our life groups, mentoring services, and marriage events, we provide practical tools and biblical principles that can help couples navigate challenges, enhance communication, resolve conflicts, and foster intimacy. Additionally, joining the marriage ministry offers opportunities for couples to connect with other couples, share experiences, and build meaningful friendships. 



Our trained mentors use tools to help couples to identify their relationship strengths, and build skills to strengthen their relationships and overcome their toughest challenges in marriage. 
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Life Groups

 small groups learning together

Our Marriage life groups are usually comprised of 3-7 couples. These couples learn together in a causal setting, led by a trained leadership couple who discuss real-life topics/studies. Friendships are formed and relationships deepen. Couples at any stage of marriage will gain insight to strengthen and enrich their marriages. 
Marriage Foundations
Ryan & Sierra Tervo – June 11th
10 sessions – every other Sunday @ 5:30 PM
The Art of Marriage
Martinez & Cloud Families – July 10th
6 Sessions – every other Monday @ 6:30 PM 
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 to inspire and reconnect

Couples who build date nights into their relationships experience better communication, greater affection, and gratitude for the other.”