“One Nation Under God”

Blessed is the nation whose God is the Lord; and the people whom He hath chosen for His own inheritance”-Psalms 33:12

Last January I had the privilege of going to Quibdo, Colombia, in preparation for the missions trip we will be taking the latter part of this month. While the land and the people were beautiful, most of the people in Quibdo live in the midst of despair, poverty, and hopelessness. In fact, Quibdo, is considered to be one of the poorest areas of Colombia with over 70% of the people living in poverty. When I arrived back to the United Sates, I had an even greater appreciation for what God has blessed me with. It has been said that a person is never truly grateful for what he has until he no longer has it.

When you think about it, God has been good to America. We are a blessed people! You may wonder “why has God blessed America?” The foundation of America was built upon God and the Word of God. Our forefathers fought and died for our freedom, basing the government upon biblical principles. Proverbs says “Righteousness exalts a nation, but sin is a disgrace to any people.” We see throughout our history why God has been so gracious to America.

? First, God has blessed America because we are a giving people

The United States has never been a selfish nation. From the very beginning, our Christian foundation has mandated that we love and help others. Jesus told us to “love your neighbor as yourself” .When you give generously, God will give back to you.

? Second, God has blessed America because right makes might

The terrorists live by the opposite principle. They think that their might makes them right. They think if they have bombs and biological weapons, and are willing to die to use them, then they can terrify their enemy into submission.

However, America has always believed just the opposite. Think of this small struggling nation in the 1700’s. We were a nation of farmers and not soldiers. We didn’t have the industrial factories of Britain; nor did we have the powerful British army and navy. When it came to the American Revolution, we had none of the ingredients to win, except we had “right” on our side-right makes might. The founding fathers believed they were right and they were willing to fight for freedom.

? Third, God has blessed America because we are carrying out the Great Commission

When Jesus said, “Go into all the world and preach the gospel to every creature”, the church has been diligent to take the command seriously. Because this is the kind of church God blesses-a missionary minded church.

That is why I am grateful that Life Church is a missions minded church. Many of you have prayed and given above and beyond towards missions and our 2017 mission project of reaching Quibdo, Colom- bia. Later on this month we are taking a missions team to Colombia to be a part of building a church, doing crusades throughout the poverty stricken area of Quibdo, as well as hosting a women’s conference and doing outreach ministry in the community. Without a doubt, I know God is going to bless every person who has prayed, given, and were able to be a part of the missions team. God will bless Life Church because of its faithfulness and heart to missions.

This 4th of July in the midst of family, bar-b-ques and fireworks, let us thank God for His many blessings upon our Nation and Life Church. Let us endeavor to keep praying for America that Godly righteousness will continue to prevail! Until then, let us continue…..

Changing Lives for Eternity!

With Love, Pastor Terry & Tina