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Sunday, June 21st
Southwest Campus @ 10am
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Sunday, June 28th
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West Campus @ 9am & 11am (English) and 2pm (Spanish)
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Recent Teachings

May 2020

Life Church Online Service – “Life of Jonah” Series – Part 1 The Predicament

Watch our weekend online service as we begin a new series on the “LIfe of Jonah”, where we’ll take a closer look at this prophet and see how many of us can relate to him. In the first message, Jonah faced a life changing predicament: obey God, or run from God’s call. You’ll discover the blessings and favor of God when you follow God’s will, or what happens when you run from God.

Mother’s Day Online Service – “The Godly Assignment of Motherhood”

Watch our special Mother’s Day online service. Pastor Terry has a very special message for every mom entitled, “The Godly Assignment of Motherhood”. In this message every mother, young or old, will be challenged to be a godly mother in accepting her divine assignment.

Life Church Online Service – The Battle Before The Breakthrough

Watch as we continue the Sermon Series entitled: Winning the Battles of Life. God has destined you for victory; however, before you experience the victory, there is a battle. In this message entitled: The Battle Before the Breakthrough you will be encouraged to hold on no matter what battle you are facing. Don’t give up and have faith because your breakthrough is on the way! Remember, the greater the battle, the greater the victory!.

April 2020

Life Church Online Service – The Battle In Your Mind

Join us online as we continue the Sermon Series entitled: Winning the Battles of Life. God has given us divine weapons to demolish spiritual strongholds as we wage war against the devices of the enemy. Today Pastor Terry will talk about winning The Battle In Your Mind. Remember, the Bible says “the battle doesn’t belong to you; it belongs to the Lord.” Trust God to be with you and fight your battles!

Recent Articles

“The Simplicity of Christmas”

As we enter December and the Christmas season, we are bombarded by advertisers and media trying to convince us to spend money on things. It is evident that the message that is sent out in order to have Christmas is, we must buy more. Since October, stores and shopping malls have placed a high premium on purchasing “stuff” in order to celebrate Christmas. If we are not careful, we can become lost in the massive pull toward consumerism and miss the true message of Christmas.

In addition to this, Christmas is not about shopping, gifts, and holiday gatherings. While those are things we enjoy about Christmas, the real meaning behind Christmas is celebrating the birth of God’s Son and remembering the reason He came to this earth.

You see, Christmas is about simplicity. God chose to bring His Son into this world by very simple means. He could have brought Him to this world with great pomp and circumstance, but He chose to bring Him into this world another way. God has a way of using simple, ordinary means to accomplish mighty things. Jesus was not born in a palace, but in an ordinary manger; A feeding trough was his cradle. He was not born of royalty, but of humble, poor parents. It was in this simplicity that held the destiny of mankind.

It is in this simplicity that we must keep our priorities focused on eternal things. During this Christmas, let us focus on:

Praise & Worship
The shepherds came from the hills, leaving their flocks behind to worship Jesus. Later, the wise men brought gifts and worshiped. Christmas is about worshipping and loving Jesus. Those who have been touched by His love and grace will desire to worship Him. They won’t become so

that they miss worshipping Him. We praise and worship Him for who He is and all He has done for us.

Preaching & Living
Christmas is a reminder to the world about the coming of God’s Son to this world to redeem man from sin. When the shepherds saw the Christ child, they spread the word concerning what they were told about this child. Christmas gives us another opportunity to share the good news of God’s love. Not only must we share the message, but we must also live the life. Our lives are living epistles, read and known by all men.

Serving & Giving
The wise men brought gold, frankincense, and myrrh. These were gifts fit for a prophet, priest, and king. Most of us are aware of the matter of giving gifts at Christmas. This is the way most people have celebrated Christmas for centuries. When we think of gift giving, we think of giving gifts to family members, friends, and those who have touched our lives in some manner. However, we don’t normally think of giving gifts to the Lord. You might be wondering-”What is the greatest gift I could offer the Lord this Christmas?” The greatest gift you could give is yourself-through serving and giving. You see, the reason we give is because God first gave. The reason we serve is because Jesus came to serve. Of course, Jesus’ giving and serving far out-shadows anything we could do or give.

During this Christmas, let us keep our priorities centered on simplicity. Have a Merry Christmas and Blessed New Year!

Changing Lives for Eternity,

Pastor Terry & Tina Richardson

Senior Pastor


“Understanding Who God Is”

“Behold God is great, and we know him not, neither can the number of his years be searched out.”–Job 36:26

Understanding God in all of His fullness is impossible. In fact, Job says that God is infinitely beyond our understanding. However, does that mean we should avoid the subject all together? Of course not, because God has made many of His traits and attributes understandable.
We see that God reveals himself to us through His Word. Through reading and carefully looking into God’s Word, we are able to learn about who God is, how He responds, and how He reveals himself to us.
God can only be known to the extent He reveals himself. God has revealed himself to us through His natural creation, as a personal God to His people, and subsequently, supernaturally in the incarnation of God’s Son, Jesus Christ.
A few things God’s Word shows us about the nature of God is:
  • God is Spirit;
  • God exists everywhere and knows everything: and
  •  God is unchangeable and incomparable.

Another key to understanding God is a study of His attributes. These characteristics, as revealed to us through God’s Word, are crucial to understanding the truth about God, who He is, what He is like, and what He does.

Some of the attributes of God is that He is wisdom. He is that Father who truly knows best. He is infinite for He has no boundaries, and He is without measure. Isaiah speaks of the sovereignty of the God who is in control of every- thing that happens. Additionally, He is omniscient – all knowing; omnipotent – all powerful; and omnipresent – everywhere. We see God’s omniscience in knowing every thought of man; His omnipotence is His every creation, and His omnipresence in the Garden of Eden as Adam and Eve attempted to hide from God, but God found them in the cool of the day.

Another avenue to understanding who God is: examining the words of Jesus. Jesus said in John 14:9, “He who has seen Me has seen the Father.” Jesus Christ came to reveal God, the Father. Jesus shows us that the Father is intimately concerned with the whole of creation. Even the falling sparrow gains His attention; yet, Jesus said human beings are more valuable than sparrows, and the Father is deeply concerned with His master plan for humanity.

Jesus additionally shows us that God, the Father, sends rain on the just and the unjust. He is kind to unthankful and evil human beings. He is merciful, putting up with much from a wayward mankind. He is patient toward us, always hoping for full repentance. As a human, Jesus demonstrated the way the Father thinks and lives. Truly, He came to reveal the Father. It is through Christ, Himself – through His life and work, that we more completely comprehend the Father’s nature.

We see though Christ that God is good, holy, and full of love. Jesus told the parable of the lost in Luke 15: the lost sheep, the lost coin, and the prodigal son. The Shepard leaves the 99 in the fold in search of the lost one; likewise, God searches for the lost one. While the owner searches without giving up, so God never gives up on His quest for the salvation of mankind. Finally, we see the love of God as the prodigal came home. The father forgave, received, and restored his lost son. How grateful we are for the forgiveness, love, and restoration of our heavenly Father.

As we enter into this season of Thanksgiving, let us ever be grateful and thankful to God, our Father, for His goodness and many blessing! Until then, let us continue…
Changing Lives for Eternity,

Pastor Terry & Tina Richardson 


“Altered At The Altar”

“And Abraham removed from thence unto a mountain on the east of Bethel, and pitched his tent, having Bethel on the west, and Hai on the east, and there he built an altar unto the Lord, and called upon the name of the Lord.” – Genesis 12:8

Throughout Scripture we see the importance of the altar. The altar was a meeting place where God met with man and man met with God. It was also a place of sacrifice, surrender, and worship.

In these passages, Abraham responded to the call of God, taking his family and leaving what was familiar the Ur of Chaldees – and went to a land where he had never been. As God led him, Abraham came to a place called Sychar. There, he surrendered himself to God and God appeared unto him. Following his time of consecration, Abraham built an altar and called on God.

Later, in Genesis 22, Abraham and Isaac ascended up Mt. Moriah to worship God. There, on top of the mountain, Abraham and Isaac built an altar. God met them there, providing a sacrifice reaffirming that He is Jehovah Jireh the God who provides.

We see in I Kings 18, the Israelites had neglected and forsaken the altar, turning their hearts towards Baal. There, at Mt. Carmel, Elijah rebuilt the altar, offering a sacrifice and calling out to God in repentance on behalf of the Israelites for their idolatry. Following his prayer, God opened the heavens and consumed the sacrifice by fire. Notice, the altar is a powerful place.

A long-standing conviction we must have as a church is the priority of the altar in personal and corporate worship. It is a marvelous moment when the Holy Spirit moves upon hearts and lives of the people and takes them to a time of saying, “Yes, Lord”, in response to working of the Holy Spirit.

In our services, when a call to the altar is issued, people may kneel at their pews or bow their heads. That is fine in many cases because the important thing is to spend time in prayer. However, there are occasions when publicly stepping out and moving to the altar in obedience to the voice of the Spirit is important. This literally, and spiritually, signifies the person’s determination to fulfill what God is impressing on his or her heart. Testimonies abound of people whose lives were transformed during a time of meeting God at the altar.

Let me encourage you to keep the altar at the focus of your life. As the Holy Spirit speaks to your heart, respond to the altar call for it is the culmination of all that God is speaking to you. It is your act of responding to the truths and principles of God’s Holy Word. In that moment, the Holy Spirit deals directly with your heart, mind, and soul as you are touched by the life-changing Word.

Often, we hear the phrase “oldfashioned altar” used, usually in reference to its timelessness. Though the altar is timeless, there is nothing old-fashioned about the altar. It is a place where God continues to meet with people of all generations who come and seek His help and grace.

Keep the altar as the centerpiece of your life. Your life will be strengthened immeasurably as you obey the voice of the Spirit and commit to His leading. Decisions made at the altar will impact those who respond. Transformed disciples will rise from their knees knowing the reality of God’s love and grace and determined to fulfill their promises to Him. Until then, let us continue…

Changing Lives for Eternity,

Pastor Terry & Tina Richardson

Senior Pastor