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Recent Teachings

August 2017

“Life On A Mission” Series – Share

In this final message of “Life On A Mission”, you will learn what every believer’s ultimate mission issharing the gospel

“Life On A Mission” Series – Serve

God has equipped every believer with gifts and abilities to serve Him. While there is a diversity of gifts and abilities among the body, there is unity. In this third message of “Life On A Mission” you will discover your spiritual gifts, how you can use what God has given you to serve, and the opportunities available to you to find your place in ministry as you fulfill God’s mission for your life.

“Life on a Mission” Series – Grow

Pastor Terry continues the “Life On A Mission” series with a message entitled “Grow”. God desires for every believer to grow and mature in his faith and relationship with God. You will see through this message how to grow as a Christian and the evidence that spiritual growth i

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