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Fall Empower Groups Wednesday, September 18th @ 7pm
SouthWest Campus – 4424 SW Loop 410
Men’s Breakfast Saturday, September 21st  @ 9am
SouthWest Campus – 4424 SW Loop 410
Membership Sunday Sunday, September 22nd 
Southwest Campus – 4424 SW Loop 410 West Campus – 10310 Potranco Road
Recent Teachings

February 2019

“God’s New Things For Your Marriage & Family” Series – How to Make It to the End

When the challenges of life come, couples need to retreat together into the cave of God’s protection. Togetherness is key. In this message with Pastor Terry, learn how to double your strength, double your protection, and double the favor of God over your marriage as you endeavor to make it.

January 2019

“How Much Longer Lord”

Have you ever asked the question: How much longer Lord? I’m pretty sure we all have at one time or another. Listen to Pastor Armando as we take a look in the Word and see how faith and patience work together to give you the victory assured to us in Christ Jesus.

“New Things” Sermon Series – Special Guest Ministers Reverend Sam & Vicki Farina

Reverend Sam Farina draws his experience from years of church leadership, and is well known for his dynamic and creative speaking. Believing in the possibilities and value coaching holds for emerging leaders, he was motivated to create “The Farina Group,” which is comprised of coaching specialists.

“New Things” Sermon Series – Praying for New Things

On the first day of our 21 Days of Prayer and Fasting, Pastor will explain the power behind prayer and fasting as well as how you can experience “the new things: God has for you as you pray according to His will and plan for your life. Corporately, we will unite together and seek God for the new things He has ahead for Life Church.

Recent Articles

“Runner Up Christians”

“Then Agrippa said unto Paul, ‘ Almost thou persuades me to a Christian’ “- Acts 26:28

You have heard the announcement before, “Drum roll, please!! And the runner-up is. . . “ Who was the runner up for the World Series in 1990? Who was the second place team in the Super Bowl in 1995? Who was the second place team in the NBA in 1998? Who cares?

Who was the person who occasionally visited church, but never took time to get acquainted, get involved, and become a participant in the local church to be all that Jesus meant for the local church to be? Who was the person that followed Jesus at a distance but refused to pursue a genuine relationship with Him? That’s the runner up Christian! You might not think that anyone cares, but Jesus cares. I care. We care.

That one can be a Christian and not be a part of the church is a deceiving doctrine. That one can follow Jesus but not have anything to do with others who love the Lord runs the risk of missing intimacy and, failing that, the danger of being a runner up Christian. However, runner up Christians never become winners.

Being disconnected from a local church body only leads to the risk of being destroyed by the enemy of your soul. The coming of the Lord is drawing near. Many precious lives have disconnected themselves from the local church only to find themselves under the onslaught of Satan, and being deceived and dismayed.

King Agrippa told the apostle Paul following his testimony of faith, “You ALMOST persuaded me.” ALMOST . . . Think about it – ALMOST. Almost doesn’t count unless you are playing horseshoes.

Almost is never good enough. Almost is settling for being a “runner up.” Agrippa settled for being a runner up and is dropped from the narrative of Acts.

I encourage you. Don’t be an “almost” or runner up Christian. Second place is not good enough. Make sure you stay connected to the body. There is no such thing as a “lone ranger” Christian. You are an important and integral part of the church. These are difficult and trying days in which we live. Get into church. Stay involved. Hide yourself in God’s family.

When Jesus saves, He hugs us into the Body. Don’t resist. Let your guard down. The Body, the Church, is the most wonderful place to be. Don’t be caught in the day of trial being “an almost” or “runner up” Christian. Be faithful to God’s House and to His Family. There is joy at being connected and belonging. I thank God for the local Church and for you. Remember, your church is here for you – be here for your church!

Until then, let us continue. . . Changing Lives for Eternity!

With Love, Pastor Terry & Tina Richardson



“For by Him were all things created, that are in heaven , and that are in earth, visible and invisible, whether they be thrones or dominions, or principalities or powers; all things were created by Him and for Him” – Colossians 1:16

Even before the creation of the universe, God had you in mind and planned you for His purpose. You are created for a purpose and God has a mission for your life. We see that when Jesus, the Son of God, came to this earth. He came to fulfill God’s mission-to seek and save the lost.

Understand that you are not a biological accident, neither are you a mistake or did you enter this world by chance or happenstance. Your life has meaning because God has given meaning to your life.

It is imperative for every person to know and understand that they are purposed for existence, as well as God’s destiny for their life. When a person does not understand his mission, he will wander aimlessly through life being driven by outside forces.

There are some people in life that are driven by things such as guilt, spending their entire lives running from regrets and past mistakes. Others are driven by resentment and anger. They hold on to past hurts and pains, either internalizing their anger or exploding it on to others. Thirdly, you will find people driven by fear. Fear keeps people imprisoned from becoming what God intends for them to be and keeps them from fulfilling God’s mission for their lives.

Not only are some people driven by fear, guilt, and anger, others are driven by materialism. People driven by materialism are never content. This desire for material things perpetuates the misconception that having more will bring happiness and security; however, we recognize one’s value is not measured by what is attained in life. On the other hand, one is valuable because God created him to be valued with purpose and mission.

Finally, many people are driven by the need for approval. Being controlled by the expectations or opinions of others will cause one to miss God’s missions. When you are consumed by what other’s think, trying to please others, or attempting to meet other’s expectations you will become distracted and confused from being what God has called you to be.

However, when you are driven by God’s purpose and His mission for your life, you will discover a life of meaning and fulfillment. God’s purpose and mission for your life is outlined in his word. The Bible says that He has created you for His pleasure as you worship and fellowship with your Creator. You were formed to belong to Him and connect to His family of believers of like precious faith. Not only were you created to belong, but you were created to grow in becoming like Christ. God’s mission for your life is to minister and serve God and others as you use your God-given gifts and abilities to help build His kingdom. Finally, you were made to share your story of what Christ has done in you and through you.

God wants you to understand and live His mission because when you live God’s purpose it is the only real way to live. It is said of David that he was a man after God’s own heart. Why was David considered a man after God’s heart? Because David, according to Acts 13:36 “served his own generation by the will of God…” David dedicated his life to fulfilling God’s mission on earth. There is no greater reward in your generation.

During the month of August, I encourage you to join us for “Life On A Mission” at Life Church as you discover God’s purpose and plan for your life. This will be an exciting and rewarding time as we, a church, unite together in becoming what God desires us to be individually and corporately in this journey of life. Through this series we will learn about Life Church’s core values; Connect, Grow, Serve, and Share and help you incorporate these four values in your personal life. Until then, let us continue. . . Changing Lives for


With Love, Pastor Terry & Tina Richardson


“One Nation Under God”

Blessed is the nation whose God is the Lord; and the people whom He hath chosen for His own inheritance”-Psalms 33:12

Last January I had the privilege of going to Quibdo, Colombia, in preparation for the missions trip we will be taking the latter part of this month. While the land and the people were beautiful, most of the people in Quibdo live in the midst of despair, poverty, and hopelessness. In fact, Quibdo, is considered to be one of the poorest areas of Colombia with over 70% of the people living in poverty. When I arrived back to the United Sates, I had an even greater appreciation for what God has blessed me with. It has been said that a person is never truly grateful for what he has until he no longer has it.

When you think about it, God has been good to America. We are a blessed people! You may wonder “why has God blessed America?” The foundation of America was built upon God and the Word of God. Our forefathers fought and died for our freedom, basing the government upon biblical principles. Proverbs says “Righteousness exalts a nation, but sin is a disgrace to any people.” We see throughout our history why God has been so gracious to America.

? First, God has blessed America because we are a giving people

The United States has never been a selfish nation. From the very beginning, our Christian foundation has mandated that we love and help others. Jesus told us to “love your neighbor as yourself” .When you give generously, God will give back to you.

? Second, God has blessed America because right makes might

The terrorists live by the opposite principle. They think that their might makes them right. They think if they have bombs and biological weapons, and are willing to die to use them, then they can terrify their enemy into submission.

However, America has always believed just the opposite. Think of this small struggling nation in the 1700’s. We were a nation of farmers and not soldiers. We didn’t have the industrial factories of Britain; nor did we have the powerful British army and navy. When it came to the American Revolution, we had none of the ingredients to win, except we had “right” on our side-right makes might. The founding fathers believed they were right and they were willing to fight for freedom.

? Third, God has blessed America because we are carrying out the Great Commission

When Jesus said, “Go into all the world and preach the gospel to every creature”, the church has been diligent to take the command seriously. Because this is the kind of church God blesses-a missionary minded church.

That is why I am grateful that Life Church is a missions minded church. Many of you have prayed and given above and beyond towards missions and our 2017 mission project of reaching Quibdo, Colom- bia. Later on this month we are taking a missions team to Colombia to be a part of building a church, doing crusades throughout the poverty stricken area of Quibdo, as well as hosting a women’s conference and doing outreach ministry in the community. Without a doubt, I know God is going to bless every person who has prayed, given, and were able to be a part of the missions team. God will bless Life Church because of its faithfulness and heart to missions.

This 4th of July in the midst of family, bar-b-ques and fireworks, let us thank God for His many blessings upon our Nation and Life Church. Let us endeavor to keep praying for America that Godly righteousness will continue to prevail! Until then, let us continue…..

Changing Lives for Eternity!

With Love, Pastor Terry & Tina