July 2021

July 18th Worship Service – God Is… Sovereign

As we continue the “God Is . . .” series, we will take a closer at the attribute of God’ sovereignty. The Bible reveals that God is sovereign and moves as He wills. God has total control of all things past, present and future. Nothing happens that is out of His knowledge and control. All […]

July 11th Worship Service – God Is Holy

How do you view God? It seems that we all try to make God in our own image. We choose the attributes about Him that we like and then try to put Him in our own little box. But God is so much bigger than we realize!  In this series, we will discover how big […]

July 4th Worship Service – Pray For America

Join us for this 4th of July service as we pray for America. Prayer is the key ingredient to see revival and eternal transformation take place in our nation. Without Christ our nation will remain bound and held captive by the enemy. However, as the Church prays and repents we will experience the power of […]