“20/20 Vision in 2020” – Wednesday Night Revival Service

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God uses Dr. John Bosman especially in the gift of preaching. The powerful anointing of the Holy Spirit characterizes his ministry which ushers in the supernatural presence of God. He is often invited to minister at events such as District Councils, Leadership Conferences, Pastor’s Schools, District Camp meetings, Crusades, and General Councils in countries such as Kenya, Belarus, India, and South Africa. For more than 30 years, Dr. Bosman has consistently been teaching pastors and church leaders principles of leadership, church growth, effective administration, and other related topics. The thrust of his teaching ministry is to bring back into focus the Scriptural role of the pastor: the necessity of equipping their people for ministry. Dr. Bosman strongly believes the Church should not run on the feet of the clergy, but on the feet of the laity. He has dedicated himself to developing ministers and ministries.