December 2021

Dec. 19th Worship Service – “When the Angel Leaves the House”

When the angel, Gabriel, left Mary following his announcement she would give birth to Jesus Christ, the Savior of the world, Mary did four things. Mary followed through on her commitment, she encouraged herself in the Lord; she worshiped through the trial, and kept going. When you find yourself in the midst of uncertainty and […]

September 2021

Sept. 5th Worship Service – “I Am the Vine”

In this final message of the series, you will discover a fresh insight on who Jesus is according to what Jesus said about himself. Looking at Jesus’ final “I Am Statement” made in John’s Gospel you receive a fresh perspective of who Jesus is. He said in John 15 that he is the Vine and […]

February 2018

“When God Is In It – It’s Not Over”

“I Give Up!” These are words that are not easy to utter, but sometimes are spoken by those who are facing a situation that they think is impossible. When things seem to be inevitable, it’s easy to think,“It’s all over.” In this message, we will learn from a widow who lost her son to death. […]