July 2023

July 30th Worship Service – When Bad Things Happen To Good People

Bad things happen to God’s people, but when they do, we recognize that God works all things out for the good and for His purpose. Through it all, we can learn to live a purpose-driven life.

April 2023

April 2nd Worship Service – “The Promise Of The Shepherd”

Watch as we finish the series “Getting To Know The Shepherd” with a message on “The Promise of the Shepherd”. The Shepherd gives the promise of goodness, mercy, and a dwelling place for those sheep who follow after Him. God does not make promises He cannot keep.

February 2023

Feb. 19th Worship Service – Being Single Is Not A Disease

Last week we talked about marriage and the cure for a healthy marriage. Today, we will see how being single is not a disease but a gift from God. We need to quit stressing out over our relationship status and start focusing on living out God’s mission.