October 2021

Oct. 31st Worship Service – Five Stones and a Sling Shot

David discovered himself on top of the hill with the Israelites and his brothers on one side and facing Goliath and the Philistines on the others side. When Saul asked for a volunteer to fight the giant Goliath, this shepherd boy did not have the expertise of a soldier, armor to fit him, or brothers […]

Oct. 3rd Worship Service – “Even These Things Are Better Together”

Join us this Sunday for  the series “Better Together” as we focus on, “Even These Things Are Better Together”.  There are some things you may not think go together, but when put together they are incredible.  This is how God created the Church.  When we come together with our God given gifts and abilities, we […]

July 2021

July 25th Worship Service – God Is…Faithful

One of God’s amazing attributes is that He is faithful. He is a covenant keeper. In this message, we’ll see how the faithful covenant keeping God brings us over to the Promised Land.