October 2021

Oct. 3rd Worship Service – “Even These Things Are Better Together”

Join us this Sunday for  the series “Better Together” as we focus on, “Even These Things Are Better Together”.  There are some things you may not think go together, but when put together they are incredible.  This is how God created the Church.  When we come together with our God given gifts and abilities, we […]

July 2021

July 25th Worship Service – God Is…Faithful

One of God’s amazing attributes is that He is faithful. He is a covenant keeper. In this message, we’ll see how the faithful covenant keeping God brings us over to the Promised Land.

July 11th Worship Service – God Is Holy

How do you view God? It seems that we all try to make God in our own image. We choose the attributes about Him that we like and then try to put Him in our own little box. But God is so much bigger than we realize!  In this series, we will discover how big […]