April 2021

“What Do You Do When People Speak Bad Of You”

At one time or another, we have all found ourselves on an unanchored boat drifting on a lake or river.  Drifting is something that may occur without notice, often slow and subtle. Likewise, if we are not careful, in our relationship we God, we may drift away from God without any warning.  In this message, […]

February 2021

Feb. 28th Life Church Service – “The Picture of Worship”

Mary, the sister of Martha and Lazarus, provides a beautiful picture of worship. We see Mary as a devoted learner, a determined mourner, and a dedicated worshiper. Martha was focused on doing for Jesus as she prepared food in the kitchen, but Mary wanted to be with Jesus and spent time in His presence. Before […]

December 2020

Dec. 20th Message – “What Are The Chances?”

Watch or listen to Pastor Paul as he speaks on “what Are The Chances?”. That what are the chances that Christmas is all about the pursuit of you. How God loved you so much that he sent his son to be born in a manger and later die for you on the cross at Calvary.