September 2020

Life Church Sept. 13th Service – “See It”

God told Joshua in Joshua 6 to “take the city” of Jericho. However, to take the city, Joshua needed clear vision. To take what God has promised you, you need clear vision and direction. Begin to see what God has for you with 20/20 vision through the eyes of God.

August 2020

Life Church Aug. 30th Live Stream Service – Raise The Praise

Psalm 76:1 says, “In Judah is God known”. “Judah” means praise. In your praise God is known. Psalm 76:3 continues and says that in that place of Judah, God breaks the weapons of the enemy that comes against us. During your toughest times, continue to praise God. He will lead you through in victory. Allow […]

Life Church Aug. 16th Service – How To Outlast Your Toughest Season

Many people go through struggles and trials. Whether you experience a tough season in your healthy, finances, family, or uncertainty about the future, this message is for you. Find out how to overcome your greatest challenges in life. You are tougher than the season you are going through because of the power of God which […]