November 2022

Nov. 27th Worship Service – You Are Blessed and Favored

God blesses and favors those who are obedient to Him as evident in the lives of men and of the Bible. The same God who divided the sea for Moses and held the sun still for Joshua is the same God who is for you today. We are destined of God to be blessed and […]

Nov. 13th Worship Service – God Is Full Of Surprises

Throughout God’s Word we see that God is always full of surprises.There are times we view a circumstance or situation from one perspective, but God sees things from all perspectives. Just when you think things will end one way, God has a way of surprising you. Be encouraged because God will do exceedingly, abundantly above what […]

October 2022

Oct. 30th Worship Service – Part 6 – Loving Like Jesus

What do you do when you are offended and hurt? In 2 Samuel 10:1-5, we see how King David and his men were offended but did not react in the way we would think. Instead, David chose to show compassion. When we face opposition, hurt, or offense, we can choose to react negatively, or love […]