December 2021

Dec. 5th Worship Service – The Miracle Birth

There is much debate over the miracle birth of Jesus. Some say his birth is a myth; others believe Jesus is half man/half God. However, Bible prophecy proves the miraculous incarnation of Jesus Christ conceived by the Holy Spirit and born of a virgin. Jesus came as fully God and fully man. Through His birth […]

November 2021

Nov. 21st Worship Service – Bring Back the Glory – Part I

In the first message of this series, we see how Israel attempted to manipulate the Ark of the Covenant – the presence of God for their own personal gain. As a result, God’s glory departed from Israel. May we never take the glory and presence of God for granted. May our prayer be at Life […]

November 14th – Working With What Is In Your Hand

In this final message of the series, “Do the Best You Can With What You Have Where You Are”, you will discover how God puts different things in your hand to build His work. As Nehemiah and the Israelites took their place on the walls, they had a mind to work. As they worked together […]