August 2022

August 7th Worship Service – Keys To Your Promise Land

When you think of the Promise Land, what enters your mind? A land flowing with milk and honey. When we think of the Promise Land, it sound like a nice, relaxing place to vacation and be grateful. Consider this, what is your Promise Land? Your Promise Land is the place of blessing and favor. It’s […]

July 2022

July 24th Worship Service – Look For the Signs

Moses and the Israelites wandered in the wilderness for forty years. For them the wilderness was a place of absolute uncertainty not knowing when they would enter into the Promise Land. In spite of the unknown, they knew God was in them and would guide them. Likewise, as you and I encounter the unknown, the […]

July 10th Worship Service – The Miracle of Manna

In Exodus Moses delivered the children of Israel out of Egypt, the land of bondage. As they crossed through the Red Sea, they found themselves wandering in the wilderness. What do you do, when you find yourself wandering through the barren seasons of life? God provided for the Israelites in the midst of their wandering with […]