November 2021

November 14th – Working With What Is In Your Hand

In this final message of the series, “Do the Best You Can With What You Have Where You Are”, you will discover how God puts different things in your hand to build His work. As Nehemiah and the Israelites took their place on the walls, they had a mind to work. As they worked together […]

Nov. 7th Worship Service – “Worshiping With Everything You Have”

At times we find ourselves lacking with little resources, and at other times we see ourselves with an overabundant supply. In this message you will discover how Mary with an overabundant supply of costly perfume offered it to Jesus in worship. As you offer God what is costly to you, He in return will bless […]

October 2021

Oct. 24th Worship Service – “When Little Becomes Much”

Often we find ourselves lacking with little resources never having enough or measuring up to the expectation. Jesus shows us in John 6 how he can take a little boy’s lunch of five loaves of bread and two small fish and multiply it for His purpose. This little boy did the best he could with […]