May 2023

Mother’s Day @ Life Church – Chosen To Wait

Watch this powerful Mother’s Day message as Pastor Tina shares with all the moms how they have been “Chosen to Wait”. 

April 2023

April 30th Worship Service – “When the Waters Are Troubled”

God has made healing and deliverance available to those who desire to be made whole. This weekend we continue looking at the 7 signs of who Jesus is as the Son of the Living God with the third sign: the healing of the lame man at the Pool of Bethesda.

April 16th Worship Service – “When the Wine Runs Out”

This series focuses on the 7 signs given by Jesus written by John in proclaiming the deity of Christ as the Son of God. God has a fresh flow of new wine for those who are thirsty. Watch as we will look at the very first sign Jesus performed, the miracle of turning water into wine.