November 2020

Life Church Nov. 8th Service – 5 Essential Things You Need To Know About the End Times

There are five essential things you need to know about the end times, but first and foremost you need to know, in the end, victory is ours! In this message you will learn how to prepare yourself for what’s to come by “taking heed to yourself”; not being troubled; enduring like a soldier of Christ; […]

October 2020

Live Church Oct. 25th Service – “Loving Like Jesus”

“Taking Our City” is love in action showing compassion and mercy to the hurting. To be compassionate is to make a decision and choosing to help those who are struggling. Jesus is our greatest example of love in action. He chose to extend mercy wherever He went and ultimately demonstrated God’s mercy by dying on […]

September 2020

Life Church Sept. 20th Service – Divine Directions

God provided specific instructions to Joshua on how to take Jericho. Likewise, God has specific instructions for you in taking your city. Divine Directions may not make sense or seem possible, but with God all things are possible. Walls which have prevented you from taking your city, will fall as you follow God’s orders.