September 2020

Life Church Sept. 20th Service – Divine Directions

God provided specific instructions to Joshua on how to take Jericho. Likewise, God has specific instructions for you in taking your city. Divine Directions may not make sense or seem possible, but with God all things are possible. Walls which have prevented you from taking your city, will fall as you follow God’s orders.

August 2020

Life Church Aug. 23rd Service – Vein of Silver

Job was a man blessed of God, but lost everything. The enemy came to steal and destroy Job. Yet, in the midst of his toughest season, Job kept his faith in God. Job 28:3 says that God sets an end to darkness. The tough time you are going through will not last forever. The enemy […]

Life Church Aug. 2nd Service – The Good Soil

In this final message of the sermon series, “The Sower, The Seed, & The Soil” you will discover that for God’s lasting change to happen in your life, you must have the right soil. There are certain ingredients to have good soil. When God’s Word is planted in good, fertile soil, it will grow and […]