August 2020

Life Church Aug. 2nd Service – The Good Soil

In this final message of the sermon series, “The Sower, The Seed, & The Soil” you will discover that for God’s lasting change to happen in your life, you must have the right soil. There are certain ingredients to have good soil. When God’s Word is planted in good, fertile soil, it will grow and […]

July 2020

Life Church SA – The Sower, The Seed, & The Soil – The Thorny Soil

God has a season of change for you, but change will not occur if you allow the seed of God’s Word to be choked or suffocated by the thorns in your life.  As you watch this message you will learn about the three thorns that attempt to choke out the truth of God’s Word in […]

Life Church SA Live – The Sower, The Seed, & The Soil Part III – The Rocky Soil

In the parable of the “The Seed and the Sower”, the sower is the person who God uses to plant the seed of His word in our lives. Jesus said some of the seed fell on rocky places meaning it was received but fell away. In this message, you will be challenged not to allow your heart […]