October 2019

“Altered at the Altar” Series – When Abraham’s Altar Becomes Jacob’s Well

The place of revival and refreshing comes from the well of God. In order to experience the refreshing from the well, you must first go to the altar of repentance. From the altar Abraham built eventually became the well of Jacob. In John 4, Jesus met the Samaritan woman at Jacob’s well. Listen to this […]

“Altered at the Altar” Revival Services – Overcoming Offenses

Listen as Rev. Pat Schatzline shares with how to overcome offenses in your life.  

“Altered at the Alar” Series – Tie Yourself to the Altar

Listen to this message as Pastor Terry will challenge you to tie yourself to the altar. The altar is the place where what you have been is interrupted by what you can become. We have to rebuild the place of encounter in the our lives because to remove the altar is to banish Jesus.