June 2022

June 12th Worship Service – God’s Values

God’s call for Life Church is to be His Church and value what God values. The question we ask is “What is important to God?” “What does God value?” “What matters to God?” Our prayer for Life Church is may our hearts be moved with what moves the heart of God. May our desires be what God […]

May 2022

May 29th Worship Service – God’s Prescription

God’s prescription for His Church is to be a praying church. God’s has given us the privilege and power of prayer to touch heaven in order to change earth. In this message you will discover the importance of being a praying church and the power things God does as the church prays and fasts. God’s […]

May 22nd Worship Service – “God’s Prerogative”

Jesus called us to be His Church built upon Him as the solid rock. When the church is built on the right foundation it will prosper. God’s prerogative for His Church is to be united together in faith and love.  The Psalmist said how good and pleasant it is for brethren to dwell together in […]