January 2022

Jan. 16th Worship Service – “Rebuilding the Altar”

Elijah, the Prophet, gives us the elements necessary for revival from I Kings 18. Elijah prepared the nation of Israel for revival and God wants to prepare us for a great revival of His presence and power. These elements necessary for revival include knowing the Savior, coming together in solidarity, separating ourselves from the world, […]

Jan. 9th Worship Service – “The Pathway to the Fresh Fire of God”

God gives us simple instructions for the pathway to experiencing His presence and power in our lives. Elijah, God’s prophet, turned the hearts of Israel back to prayer, fasting, and holiness. As God’s people turned their hearts toward God, God poured out His presence and power in their lives. When the people of God humble themselves, […]

Jan. 2nd Worship Service – “Get Over It”

With the start of 2022, God has the fresh fire of His presence for our lives. However, we can allow our yesterday to hinder us from receiving what God has for us today. God shows us through His Word how the prophet Samuel mourned for King Saul, but God was doing a new thing. In order […]