May 2022

Mother’s Day @ Life Church

In John 2, we have recording of the first miracle of Jesus—Turning water into wine at a wedding feast in Cana. As we look closer at this miracle, we see the tremendous influence Mary, Jesus’ mother, had on this miracle. Through this miracle we discover how Mary was a “keeper of the flame”. In this […]

January 2022

Jan. 30th Worship Service – Keep The Fire Burning

The question asked is once we experience God’s fresh fire of His presence and power in our lives, then how do we stay on fire? God’s Word shows us as we are hungry for God, and pursue after Him; God will continually fan the flame of His Spirit in our lives. When we are desperate […]

Jan. 16th Worship Service – “Rebuilding the Altar”

Elijah, the Prophet, gives us the elements necessary for revival from I Kings 18. Elijah prepared the nation of Israel for revival and God wants to prepare us for a great revival of His presence and power. These elements necessary for revival include knowing the Savior, coming together in solidarity, separating ourselves from the world, […]