April 2023

April 2nd Worship Service – “The Promise Of The Shepherd”

Watch as we finish the series “Getting To Know The Shepherd” with a message on “The Promise of the Shepherd”. The Shepherd gives the promise of goodness, mercy, and a dwelling place for those sheep who follow after Him. God does not make promises He cannot keep.

March 2023

March 26th Worship Service – The Preparation of the Shepherd

The Shepherd prepares his sheep by feeding them when they are hungry, anointing them when they are sick, and filling them with blessings. We will never go lacking when we are feasting at our Shepherd’s table. Watch this powerful message by Pastor Terry entitled, “The Preparation of the Shepherd”.

March 19th Worship Service – How To Find Protection In Your Valley

If you feel like you have found yourself in the valley of the shadow of death, there is good news. The Good Shepherd is going to bring you through the valley. The Shepherd protects his sheep through the valleys comforting them with his rod and staff. Watch this message as Pastor Tina shares on “How To […]