February 2020

“Help for the Home” Series – Family Feud

In this message we will take a look at the first family – Adam & Eve from Genesis 1-4. They were a family that God intended to be functional but ended up being totally dysfunctional. For every family member, whether you are single, married, or single again, you will receive practical keys to turn your relationships […]

“Help for the Home” Series – What’s Destroying Your Marriage?

God instituted the gift of marriage in the Garden of Eden with Adam and Eve. Marriage is not a contract but a covenant relationship between a man and a woman. Through the covenant of marriage couples share with each other the joys and the sorrows of life as partner together. Unfortunately, some marriages have lost their […]

“Help for the Home” Series – The Danger of a Divided Family

This series is designed to help you strengthen your family relationships. As you listen to this message, you will see how the enemy is attempting to separate and divide families, but you will gain practical principles on how to unite your family together. Jesus said that a house divided cannot stand alone, but a house united […]