February 2018

“Home Remedies” Series – My Family is Stuck in a Rut

You and your family will be encouraged through this message to break out of the rut and routine of life. Learn practical steps to keep your family from ruin and despair. Many times we continue to circle around the same problems, the same issues over and over again. God told Moses that the Israelites had gone […]

“Home Remedies” Series – Don’t Get Lost in the House

God answered the prayers of Hanna and gave her a son which she named Samuel. In return, she passed on her godly legacy by dedicating him and giving him to the Lord. Through this message, Pastor will challenge parents and grandparents to pass on a godly, spiritual and tangible legacy to our children and the […]

“Home Remedies” – Family Secrets

In this message, Pastor looks at the life of Jacob and his family. Like Jacob and his family, every family has issues, family business and secrets. Within the family is where we perfect those issues and allow God to develop our character from our hidden weaknesses and issues. You will be challenged to conquer old strongholds […]

“Home Remedies” Series – Help is On the Way

In this series on marriage and family, Pastor Terry will encourage you that in the midst of your storm, help is on the way. One of the most powerful and punitive words in the English language is the word “help.” It is a word that admits a position of total desperation and humility. When all seems […]