May 2019

“Made for More” Sermon Series – Finding True Contentment

God has made you for more than a life of materialism and things. He has made you for greater things than this world has to offer. You were made for a life of contentment. peace, and joy. Discover through this message the satisfaction and purpose God intended for you to live an abundant life.

“Made for More” Sermon Series – Seeing Past Your Past

God has made you for more than what your past may say about you. God is a God who looks past the guilt and condemnation of your yesterday. Allow God through this message to free you from your past and look ahead to His destiny for your life.

April 2019

“Made for More” Sermon Series – A Place Called Yonder

We will look at the life of Abraham as we see God called him from Ur of Chaldees to a place he had never been: the Promise Land. God had so much more from Abraham as God took him to a place called “Yonder.” God created you for more than you think or imagine. Likewise, God […]