January 2019

“New Things” Sermon Series – Special Guest Ministers Reverend Sam & Vicki Farina

Reverend Sam Farina draws his experience from years of church leadership, and is well known for his dynamic and creative speaking. Believing in the possibilities and value coaching holds for emerging leaders, he was motivated to create “The Farina Group,” which is comprised of coaching specialists. Reverend Farina is a Professional Certified Coach (PCC) with […]

“New Things” Sermon Series – Praying for New Things

On the first day of our 21 Days of Prayer and Fasting, Pastor will explain the power behind prayer and fasting as well as how you can experience “the new things: God has for you as you pray according to His will and plan for your life. Corporately, we will unite together and seek God […]

“New Things” Sermon Series – God Is Getting Ready To Do A New Thing

In the Old Testament, Israel was enslaved and held captive by Babylon. During one of the darkest days in Israel’s history, God raised up a prophet by the name of Isaiah, to prophesy and encourage Israel to look to God to do “new things”. As we enter into 2019, God is getting ready to do […]