April 2019

“Preparing for Easter” Sermon Series – It Happened on the Third Day

On the Crucifixion day, Jesus Christ the Lamb of God, died for the sins of all humanity. He was removed from the cross, placed in a borrowed tomb, and three days later rose again victorious over death, hell, and the grave. When did it happen? It happened on the third day. Significant things happen three days […]

“Preparing for Easter” Sermon Series – The Three Crosses

On the day Jesus was crucified, there were three crosses on Golgotha’s hill. On those crosses were three bodies, sagging on nail–pierced hands facing agony and torture. Each cross represents a motivation. On one side of Jesus was the cross of rebellion and on the other side was the cross of repentance. However, in the middle […]

“Preparing for Easter” Sermon Series – The Cross Roads of Easter

Jesus faced a crossroads in the Garden of Gethsemane as He yielded to God’ will to go to the cross. As he struggled with the will of God, he yielded himself in fulfilling God’s purpose and plan. Likewise,when faced with the crossroads of life in decision we must make, there will be struggles and challenges. […]