October 2018

“Serving God by Serving Others” Series – Go, Get Your Brother

Joseph’s promotion from the prison to the palace placed him in a unique position. Because of the severe famine in Israel, Joseph’s brothers came searching for food. His ten brothers, not recognizing him, appealed to him for help. Joseph realized his brother, Benjamin, was missing, so he said to them, “Don’t return unless you have […]

“Serving God by Serving Others” Series – Ten Reasons Why You Should Serve

God created you as a vessel to be used by Him in serving others. He has gifted, equipped and anointed you to fulfill His plan and purpose for your life. In this message, Pastor will challenge you with ten practical reasons why God has shaped you to serve.

“Serving God by Serving Others” Series – When You Help Others, God Opens Doors

We see from the life of Joseph how God blessed and showed favor upon him because he was willing to help others. In spite of being betrayed by his brothers, sold into slavery, and thrown into prison, Joseph continued to help others fulfill their vision. Joseph went from the prison to the palace because God […]