January 2018

“Suddenly…” Series – “Suddenly and then Some”

What happens when you go beyond the normal? Beyond the ordinary? Beyond the average? In the story of Rebekah, we see the extraordinary outcome of a woman who did what was expected…and then some. God sees the extra effort. And it’s the extra effort that brings breakthrough. When you go above and beyond, the extra mile, […]

“Suddenly…” Series – “A Suddenly Offering”

In the Bible there are 7,000 promises of God. These are blank checks for you. God says, “If you do this, I will do that.” With every promise there is a premise. Only when you release what you’re holding on to will you see the precious gifts of God poured out. Supernatural miracles, doubtless purpose, and […]

“Suddenly…” Series – “Your Suddenly Season”

Sometimes we wonder if the Lord is slow in answering our prayers, but God is faithful and punctual. In the midst of life’s obstacles and disappointments, His timing may not always meet our expectations. However, God is bringing rapid refinement–suddenly fulfilling the promises of His Word. What may be defined as defeat in one moment can […]