December 2018

“They Call Him Jesus” Series – Prince of Peace

Isaiah prophesied that the Christ will be known as the “Prince of Peace”. People are searching and looking for peace, but cannot find it in the world. Genuine peace is only experienced through Jesus Christ. When you have peace with God, you will have the peace of God. In this final series message, Pastor will […]

“They Call Him Jesus” Series – Everlasting Father

Isaiah foretold the coming of God’s Son, Jesus. He says his name will be called “Everlasting Father”. Jesus is not only God, King, Master, and Lord, but He is your Father who loves, cares, provides, protects and disciplines you. In this message Pastor will share with you the qualities that makes Jesus your eternal, everlasting […]

“They Call Him Jesus” Series – Mighty

Pastor continues this Christmas series from Isaiah 9:6, “They Call Him Jesus”. God has given us His Son, Jesus Christ who Isaiah describes as great and mighty. Jesus is the ultimate conquer as He defeated death, hell, and the grave. He is great and mighty in His person and His work. In this message, you […]