“That’s Not Your Place”

Thought for Today: That’s Not Your Place

There is something that someone did or said to you that was flat-out wrong. As a matter of fact, in your opinion what they did or said, in your opinion, was downright evil.  

You have been fighting the urge to confront them and giving them a piece of your mind. In your mind, there is no way you can ever forgive them for what they have said or done, and you are ready to pay them back for what they did to you.

I don’t know who I am talking to, but the Holy Spirit of God says to you “THAT’S NOT YOUR PLACE.” If you continue to have the vengeance mindset that you are going to get them back for what they said or did to you, unforgiveness will break the connection between you and the Lord, which is just what the devil wants. Because the enemy of your soul knows this truth, Jesus said “I am the vine, ye are the branches; He (she) that abideth in me, and I in him (her) the same bringeth forth much fruit (evidence that I am with them, and they are with me) FOR WITHOUT ME YE CAN DO NOTHING” (John 15:5).

If you continue with the mindset of taking vengeance on the person that did you wrong, you are allowing what they did or said to break your connection with God.   

By taking your vengeance out on that person you are taking a position in life that does not belong to you. For the word of God says “dearly beloved, avenge not yourselves, but rather give place unto wrath; for it is written VENGEANCE IS MINE I WILL REPAY SAITH THE LORD” (Romans 12:19).  

Listen to me, I know it is not going to be easy to forgive what they did or said to you. If you are struggling to move on in your life because of what someone did or said you need to stop and say “LORD, HELP ME FORGIVE THEM.” 

Every time the thought comes to your mind of what they did or said just stop where you are and say “LORD, HELP ME FORGIVE THEM.” When anger and rage begin to develop in your mind, stop where you are and say “LORD, HELP ME FORGIVE THEM.”  

You see, when you do this you will stay in your place and let God take His place. And when God takes his place in the matter, know this: God’s vengeance is far more superior than your vengeance.  

For it is written, “And Joseph said unto them fear not for am I in the place of God (it is not my place to take vengeance upon what you did or said) But as for you (the one who did you wrong) ye thought evil against me; BUT GOD MEANT IT UNTO GOOD, to bring to pass as it is this day to save much people alive” (Genesis 50:19-20).

Stay in your place, in other words keep your relationship with God intact, and don’t let vengeance or unforgiveness put you in a position that will prevent you from staying one with God. Remember, apart from God you can do nothing. Stay with God today and let God handle the person that did you wrong. Not only will you be blessed but others around you will be blessed, as well. 

By Erick Young