“You Have Your Reward”

Thought for Today: You Have Your Reward

There are many reasons why we as human beings do what we do. But there should be one reason and one reason only why you do your best to live your life according to the word of God. It may have started out early in your life simply because that’s what momma and daddy taught you, but there will have to come a time in your life where that can’t be the only reason. It may be because that’s what the church taught you, and that’s fine to start with, but there comes a time in your life where that cannot be the main reason. But one of the worst reasons that anyone says they are believers in the Lord Jesus Christ is simply to please the church. 

I will just say it, if you just go to church so that people can notice that you are in the church, you are going to church for the wrong reasons and you have already received your reward. If you worship the Lord simply because you want to be seen as a worshiper, you have your reward. If you pray in public just to be heard and to be known as a prayer warrior, you have your reward. If you read the word in public just to be seen by humanity, then you have your reward. If you only help people to be seen as a helper in the eyes of the public, then you have your reward. I don’t know who I am talking to, but if you are trying to live a good life simply to receive a pat on the back, or recognition by those around you, then the spirit of the Lord says to you today “YOU HAVE YOUR REWARD.”  

As a child of God, whatever you do, do it to show Him just how much you love Him. If you truly love God, honor your mother and your father not just in public, honor them in private and help them when no one is looking. The Father will reward you in public for honoring them in private. Jesus said, “Verily I say unto you (yes, he is talking to you) INASMUCH AS YE HAVE DONE IT UNTO ONE OF THE LEAST OF THESE MY BRETHREN YE HAVE DONE IT UNTO ME” (Matthew 25:40).

Read the word of God, pray, and worship in private when nobody else is around and the Lord will reward you in public. Take care of your home, treat others with respect, and honor all human beings especially when no one is looking, and the Lord will reward you in public.  

Whatever you do in life, don’t do it so that man can pat you on the back and tell you how nice of a job you did. Don’t love your neighbors like you love yourself simply so that man can tell you how kind and thoughtful you are, because that pat on the back will be your reward.  

If you are going to do anything in life, do it simply because you love the Lord thy God. Never do anything because you feel you have to; you must live this life to please God simply because you want to show God just how much you love and appreciate Him.  Jesus said “IF YOU LOVE ME KEEP MY COMMANDMENTS” (John 14:15). Whatever you do, be it in private or in public, know that the Father knows your motives. 

For it is written, “Take heed that ye do not your alms before men, TO BE SEEN OF THEM; otherwise YE HAVE NO REWARD OF YOUR FATHER which is in heaven. Therefore, when thou doest thine alms do not sound a trumpet before thee (DON’T DO WHAT YOU DO SO EVERYBODY CAN SEE) as the hypocrites do in the synagogues and in the streets, THAT THEY MAY HAVE GLORY OF ME. Verily I say unto you THEY HAVE THEIR REWARD” (Matthew 6:1-2). 

God looks at your heart, and He knows the difference between those who are living to get glory from man, and those who are living a life to show Him just how much they love Him. Live your life, especially when nobody is looking, to please God and He will reward you in public.

Be Blessed. 
By Erick Young